I keep asking myself what is wrong with our African culture, why ain’t we making our African culture our priority?Why are we not bringing out much more creativity in our traditional African lifestyle yet we overly and blindly copy the “white-man’s” culture and copy poorly.

I used to live in an Africa, a Ghana in which respect is the utmost and first lesson a parent teaches their kids. I used live in an Africa, a Ghana where courtesy and manners are made prior to a Child’s upbringing, where “greeting” an elderly is of a high importance (shows the kind of family you were brought up in). How dare u sit on the bus (kuffour bus) seat whilst an elderly is up standing. Not in my kind of Africa, not in my kind of Ghana i was brought up in, no way. What has happened to family unity where at night we all gather n share traditional African stories?. Outmoded i guess we say?

Engagement ceremonies used to be the talk of the Town in my childhood days,
Now high class n luxurious weddings are. Is of every young lady’s dream to wear that white luxurious gown than to wear the beautiful Ghana made “Kente” with local hand made beads.the new trend we call it “mmr3 dane,a dani bi” (follow the new trend).

My consent is, we doing good modernizing most of our TRADITIONAL AFRICAN CULTURE but don’t we think we are over modernizing it? Our traditional cultural values are losing its sweet essence. Let’s do well as Africans, as Ghanaian, to make our culture our topmost priority. Let’s live in the Ghana i, was brought up in once more where our grandmothers and our parents teach us to be responsible Children who’ll grow up to be responsible home makers and family men and women. Let’s teach ourselves, our children, our grand children respect like in the 80’s and the early 90’s.
Let’s spice our old traditional African culture without changing the “real essence“.

Live long true African Culture!

Live long true Africans!!

Live long true Ghanaian!!!


Written bySamuel Barnes Junior (SBJ)

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