Kim Kardashian West is back!

Don’t freak out, but Kim Kardashian West is back!

The reality TV star – who took a 3 month break from the world after she was robbed at gunpoint in October 2016 – has returned to all social media platforms in a big, big way.

The 36-year-old returned with a family photo of her, Kanye and the kids. The caption simply said, “family”.

See the family portrait here:

She also then shared home video footage on Twitter and Snapchat, which was put together for her by Kanye as a Christmas gift.

The footage shows intimate moments of Kim and Kanye’s real-life at home with three-year-old North and one-year-old Saint. This includes, North interacting with her baby brother, Kim and Kanye sharing precious parenting (and romantic) moments and even Saint’s first steps.

Watch the video here:

And to make sure everyone knows it really is her, she’s been interacting with fans on Twitter just like the good old days.

Kim’s tweeting fans!!! She’s back!! She’s really really back 😭😭😭😭❤️

Previous reports said Kim would be staying out of the spotlight following her traumatising experience to spend time with her family and her comeback proves she’s been doing exactly that!

It also proves that those divorce rumours – which spread shortly after Kanye’s breakdown in November – are completely untrue.

Goodbye 2016 and hello to a brand new Kim Kardashian filled 2017!


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