Paul Okoye of P-Square acquires half of Ubi Franklin’s MMMG in shares!

MMMG seems to be doing well without Iyanya, as the label now has a new partner who is also knowledgeable about the entertainment industry.

The news was broke by Tekno Miles who was excited about the new addition and couldn’t hide his anxiety when he took to his page to talk about it.

He said: “thank you Upfront & Personal, thank you Paulo for becoming a part of my label, you know, buying into the company and owning 50% of shares in the company is really good. I’m really excited because it will facilitate a lot of things.”

In case you still don’t get who was the buyer, it’s no other than Paul Okoye of P-square, owner of Rudeboy Record and owner of a management and consulting outfit, Upfront & Personal.

Ubi had previously acquired Iyanya’s share which was 50 percent when he decided to leave to join the Mavins, but later sold it to Paul Okoye.

Reasons behind Ubi’s action are yet unknown, but we anticipate a swift response from him soon.


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