…And She celebrated her Birthday with 500 street kids!

So out of the blue this lovely friend of mine decided to do the extra ordinary but then again seems to be what most youth of today are engaging in, well seems Ghana is blessed with people of such kind !

Asking Miss Rebecca N. Gbambil what motivated her to take that Initiative, she came out saying… “For so many years i have celebrated my birthday with kids in my own small way but this year as I was preparing for a “massive all white birthday party” for my friends ,it downed on me to still spend it wit my kids so I decided to go out to the street this time….I spoke to my mum about my decision and she fully supported me….We embarked on prayers to be more convinced about my decision n indeed it was worth it…

A couple of people helped me but I must say the whole load was on me…they had doubt if truly I could really make 500 kids happy. And indeed I did.!”

She went ahead to say… “I want to thank the Almighty for His strength and Grace given to me to do this, also will like to thank Daniel Yankey for his support, we worked very hard into the night while packaging the goodies,  again want  thank Cecilia Aggrey for her massive support, Samuel Tamakloe and Evans Prah who all helped me in make this a reality… Its my prayer that this will be a yearly thing I will be doing on my birthday.. 


Well done Miss  Rebecca N. Gbambil and We all pray we can on day be this charitable… “so Help Us God!


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