Sarkodie Reveals; He Can Release Songs Everyday But…

In Ghana, there is only one artiste who is known for releasing songs continuously for days. Can I say he releases a song on average daily?

Shatta Wale had proven beyond reasonable doubts that since he produces his own beats, it becomes easier to release a song daily.

In an open twitter interaction Sarkodie had with his fans in the late hours of Wednesday to early hours of Thursday January 5, one fan tweeted that he would be very glad if Sarkodie releases songs everyday.

Sarkodie in reply to the young man said, I can but…

Looking at how versatile Sarkodie is as an artiste, he can easily release one song everyday like Shatta Wale but might face certain difficulties along the way.

Truth is that, how many of the songs will be hit songs like the number of hit songs Shatta has in a year? How smooth is it going to be with his production? Since he doesn’t play and master his own beats, is he going to mount pressure on the producers to finish it up for him within a day of recording a track?

Knowing Sarkodie’s brand to produce quality music, how is he going to keep that hallmark of producing top quality music which will undergo production within a day?

Honestly, i don’t think it will be that easy for Sarkodie to release songs everyday or every week.


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