Beyonce songwriter Diana Gordon finds missing brother!

Beyonce collaborator Diana Gordon has been reunited with brother after 16 years apart, finding him homeless on the streets of Los Angeles last month.

The singer/songwriter who worked on Beyonce’s “Sorry” discovered her long lost brother David on Dec. 19 when she saw him sitting at a bus stop.

“My heart was beating, the tears had already begun to pour down my face,” she wrote in a post on GoFundMe. “You see, after the first decade went by, I lost hope of ever finding him. These last few years, I accepted the fact that we were never going to find him. In my heart I had put him to rest.”

David is the oldest of Gordon’s mother’s six kids, who are all from New York. So the musician was even more surprised to find him just miles from her house in Los Angeles. Though so many memories came flashing back in meeting David again, Gordon wrote, it was clear there was something different about her brother.

“When I said hello, he beamed his old mega watt smile that is now missing two teeth and gave me a light hearted, childlike ‘hey, how are you?’ he did not recognize me as his sister,” she wrote.

“As I continued to talk to him, I quickly realized my brother who had once built computers and gadgets out of spare parts has suffered severely in ways I have only begun to understanding .

His memory is fragmented. His spirit defeated. He has only had his own thoughts to comfort him during this long stretch of time and because of that, a form of mental illness has set in.

David did not remember Gordon at first, but she showed him old photographs and FaceTimed with her sisters in New York to help convince him to go home with her. Now, she wrote, she is going to do everything in her power “to see him through to healing.”

Gordon wrote she is in the process of gaining a conservatorship lawyer so she can important decisions on his behalf, while working to figure out what sort of support he is going to need to move ahead with his life.

“What has become apparent is that it is going to take a lot of care, time, nurturing, and a fair amount of money to gain some stability and consistency in his life, and to once and for all show him that he is not alone and that he is loved and worth loving,” she wrote. “Our goals are to get him medical care, psychiatric help, and assisted living.”

At time of publishing, she had had raised more than $6,100 of her $50,000 goal.

See some of Gordon’s social posts below.


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