Curren$y Announces He’s Teaming Up With Freddie Gibbs For Joint EP!

Curren$y, fresh off of delivering 12 monthly projects throughout 2016, apparently isn’t taking any time off in 2017. Spitta took to Instagram and announced that he and Freddie Gibbs are cooking up new work in the form of an EP.

Gibbs has been mostly out of the public eye since being found not guilty in a sexual assault case in Austria last September, though he has appeared on a few tracks recently. But Curren$y’s note on Instagram and its good-natured message mean that fans can expect some Gary, Ind. and New Orleans, La. fire at some point soon.

“Called my homie Gibbs and told him it’s time lets put the EP together… Homie hit the slopes and sent me this hahaha clearly its a green light haha…. “fetti” the EP coming in 17″ …. Spitta and Gibbs that pistol to ya ribs ….. Peep how cold he is on the skis tho haha that’s commendable,” wrote Curren$y.

Gibbs hasn’t made a peep on social media since celebrating his freedom in early October, when he posted a photo of him and his toddler daughter. He did recently pop up on the slopes in a picture with his partner, Erica Dickerson.

Curren$y and Gibbs have worked together several times previously. Check out some of their collaborations below.



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