What’s the Way forward for “#WestsideCarnival”?

With every year passing by and the people of Sekondi-Takoradi been treated with the most colorful social gathering event in Ghana, of which they are made to believe, WestSide Carnival. 

Since the start of this event in 2005 organisers of the event have been treating the people of Sekondi-Takoradi with same old turns of event and nothing really new has been added. With sponsorships coming from MTN and the rest participants and viewers believe it’s about time the entire Skyy Media group make some changes to this events. Although some term it as a ‘local event’ there are so many ways to attract the worlds attention to it. 
From this year’s event, the main attraction was the display of the masquerade, and precise this is not the only thing which comes into mind when we talk of an art kind off street Carnival.


Many brilliant young men in the Twin City have come out with great and innovative ideas as to how to make this Carnival a well packaged one but organizers, as always will turn a deaf ear to it, and always feed the masses with what they term a brilliant show. 

In sponsorship wise, Skyy Media Group always get the huge sponsors on board to make this event suit what the people of the Twin City will need but it keeps going down the drain year after year. 

The world is now a global village and one thing the organisers should know is that in a way they are selling their brand to the world, and if on social media you are even worse off, whom do you expert to take it off. 

Enough of this same old event, time to add a spike, innovative ideas must be welcomed. For all, two heads are better than one.

Compiled by SK


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