Will the Switch be a success for Nintendo?

One of the biggest names in the gaming industry for generations, Nintendo are hoping their new Switch console will be as big a hit as the Wii.

The Switch which is set to be released this Spring is a hybrid between portable and home console, acting as a tablet that can also be played on the television.

Nintendo is aiming to compete with gaming giants Sony and Microsoft and their consoles the Playstation and Xbox One.

Although handheld consoles such as the Wii U were not as big a hit as Nintendo hoped, the original Wii and DS are two of the best selling conoles of all time.

Even last month Nintendo brought their famous mascot, Super Mario, to Apple’s iPhone to huge success despite a high price tag for a mobile app. The app had over 40 million downloads in four days.

Time will tell whether Switch will live up to Nintendo’s high expectations.


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