Is Trigmatic Having Issues with Ghanaians?

Rapper Trigmatic has disclosed on the Tonight show with Nii Kpakpo Thompson that he feels he’s too underrated here in Ghana.

According to Trigmatic, his works are not appreciated here in Ghana. When the host, Nii Kpakpo Thompson asked him whether he feels he’s underrated here in Ghana, Trigmatic said,

“I think so. I’m from a very honest point of view, I think I’ve challenged myself to the extreme, I work very hard, I stay true to music, I do live music, my songs are just not any kind of songs; just check the contents but…”

‘You would release a song and feel like people will love the song but that’s not the case. I travel and see people jamming to my songs but here in my own country is not so. I feel I’m underrated.” The Gye Nyame hitmaker said with so-so emotions.

The Motromodwo crooner is set to launch his ‘Matic’ album come the 21st of January at the Alliance Francaise.


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