Check the True Story: An insider shares how Ara B was arrested

An affiliate of the Shatta Movement Empire has given an insight into what events leading to the arrest of Dancehall act Ara B.

The staunch fan of Shatta, Shadrack Amonoo Crabe who won a laptop at Wale’s recent Shatta Honors detailing events disclosed;

“Some of you are Soo Focused On Shatta Wale Badly, So When there is Issue, You’ve already judged him Guilty. You don’t even do your Research vividly Before Passing on a Comment, Now Let me Give you the Missing piece of the Whole Issue.

ARA B After All the Insults on Facebook, Shatta Wale & Michy Didn’t Mind Him,

Later he called saying If Shatta wale is a Man He should come and Face Him. When He heard that Shatta wale is coming to his Place, He then Quickly Called the Police for a Back up. So when Shatta wale Got there, They explained everything to the Police, and the thing turned against him Rather.

The same Police he called for a Back up Arrested Him.

Now All Shatta Michy is Asking for, Is For Ara B to Explain and Prove to the world of some of the things he put up in his Post..

Since last night Up to this time, He is not Even Speaking Up.. When you’re Angry, Don’t Speak! Or Else you’ll End up Saying some things You have no Idea About……And That can Hurt you Forever. ..#Lessons”


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