OMG! This Twitter account totally predicted Beyoncé’s pregnancy

There is a Twitter account that correctly predicted Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement!

And that’s not even the freakiest part!

Thanks to a little investigating byBuzzfeed, we’re convinced there is a psychic hiding out on Twitter.

Here’s why:

On Saturday, a Twitter account that goes by the handle@beyoncefan666 tweeted that Beyoncé was expecting…

The anonymous account also predicted that Queen Bey would make the announcement in February. The prediction was made in July 2016!

Okay so Beyoncé is gonna announce a pregnancy in February(2017)

By now you’re probably thinking two lucky guesses don’t mean anything, but wait…

The very same account correctly predicted other major moments too!

It predicted Beyoncé’s surprise appearance at the VMAs in August 2016, a week before her performance.

It predicted the October release date of Lady Gaga’s latest album Joanne, two years prior.

Lady Gaga will release an album in October 2016

It predicted Donald Trump’s presidency, nearly half a year before election results were released.

Unfortunately Donald Trump will be elected president 😦

We know this is all very confusing, but it’s okay because there is somewhat an explanation to this.

According to Buzzfeed, accounts much like this one very often make an overload of predictions on a private account. When some of the predictions miraculously come true they deleted the wrong ones and make the account public.


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