I Chose Red Colour For My Wedding Because My Husband Went To Mfantsipim – Naa Ashorkor

We think Tv/Radio personality Naa Ashorkor had a wedding of that kind. To the extent that she has become some sort of ambassador for young women who had influential weddings, making her a role model to many because most who see her as a mentor also want to have her kind of wedding. True or False?

Naa Ashorkor unlike Kwabena Kwabena has pretty well walled her marriage and her man and placed an electric barbed wire on the wall, to the extent that you can’t even smell the kind of food they cook at home when you pass by their house.

Nevertheless Naa Ashorkor gave us a peep of the harmony she has with her husband Ahuma Cabutey Adodoaji who works for tiGO.

According to Naa Ashorkor, her flamboyant wedding which had white and red as colour themes was mainly influenced by her husband’s high school which is Mfantsipim ( Botwe).

Naa Ashorkor speaking on Tales From The Powder Room said, she knows most of his husband’s high school mates will turn up at the wedding in the red Botwe colours, so she decided to sacrifice any other preference, to allow the Botwe Fever to be harmonious with her wedding and we think that was cute.

Thinking of wedding colours inspired by High School Colours, which High School will you prefer getting a husband from?