Wanlov the Kubolor tells why two of his kids are called Tv and Radio

You just cannot believe the names controversial musician Wanlov has given to his children.

The musician who was on Accra FM’s entertainment show hosted by DJ Premiere gave names if his children as OB, Mali, Ama, TV, Kwadwo, and Radio. One would ask why Wanlov would name his children TV and Radio, same question that came out of the mouth of DJ Premiere after the musician listed names of his six children.

Giving reasons for naming the fourth and sixth born as Television (TV) and Radio respectively, the half of Fokn Bois music group said both are from the same mother. According to him, “TV was delivered 10 days after his mum was supposed to give birth so we kept looking inside him mum‘s womb like TV for those 10 days waiting for him. We mostly said we are watching the woman’s womb like TV so it automatically became his name after he was born.”

Detailing why he named his last born Radio, Wanlov disclosed that “I told TV’s mother that the next child will be named Radio as soon as she told me that she is pregnant again so that we get TV and Radio in our family”.


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