25 Super-Viral Photos That Will Make You Doubt this Experienced Ghanaian Actress Is Really Clocking 50 Years


I know many will still qualm and stay uncertain over the age of Akorfa Edjeani -The stunning well experienced Ghanaian female film-maker whose name is never omitted when stakeholders are penning down records and chronicles of film making in Ghana. She contributed immensely from the start.

Super actress Akorfa is officially turning 50 in this month of love, February to be exact and as she proceeds to celebrate her golden jubilee in a special way, she ahead of that dazzled hands down in these 25 colorful African print driven photos below, exclusively shot by@Twinsdntbeg of the brand “Swag of Africa“.

These photos are the official pre-birthday shoot of Akorfa Edejeani.

Trust me; she awesomely hasn’t aged an inch – Exclusively 50 years & Shades of “Still Stunning, Young & Beautiful”

This explains the lingo “Black Don’t Crack”.

See the photos beneath!


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