Reggie N Bollie Grab New Record Deal!

Last week, UK-based Ghanaian music duo, Reggie N Bollie, severed record label ties with Syco, owned by music mogul, Simon Cowell.

Already, the runners-up of 2015 X-Factor UK have begun a music journey with a new record label, F.R.O.D (Fearlessly Ruling Our Destiny).

Head of Communications at F.R.O.D and manager of the African side of the team, Mark Darlington, told Daybreak Hitz programme on Hitz FM with KMJ that, “They did quite well but they thought it was time to actually take charge of their own affairs and they’ve built a legitimate recording label with a big team around them.”

The label, he explained, has African, UK and European sides which will be under different managements, as well as a publishing team, a legal team, and bloggers.

Reggie N Bollie; the ‘New Girl’ hit stars, will be shooting the video of their official new single off the label. The video is expected to be launched in March.


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