Counselor Lutterodt vs Adjorlolo: #SayNoToEnergyDrinkGirls campaign begins on social media

It seems the Counselor Lutterodt vs Kofi Adjorlolo’s relationship saga is not going to end anytime soon, with a hash tag #SayNoToEnergyDrinkGirls emerging on social media.

The controversial counselor, who is against the sexual relationship between 27-year-old actress Victoria Lebene and Kofi Adjorlolo who is in his late 60s, humiliated the young actress in the studios of Okay FM, Wednesday.

Counselor Lutterodt who seemed upset said the veteran actor is only using the 27-year-old actress as an energy drink since Kofi Adjorlolo is old enough to be her father.

Although a section of the public has criticised Counselor Lutterodt for his actions, others seem to have thrown their weights behind him and are subsequently campaigning against young women who get engaged to old men.

The argument has generated lots of discussion on social media.


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