Rolene Strauss and her newborn baby cover Huisgenoot

Former Miss World – Rolene Strauss – shows off her newborn baby boy in a beautiful photo shoot.

In the exclusive interview withHuisgenoot, Rolene and her husband D’Niel Strauss share what it’s like to be parents for the first time and as well as candid moments from their day-to-day life.

About being a parent for the first time, Rolene says, “I now understand what love is.”

The couple didn’t want to reveal the baby’s name for privacy reasons, but did disclose that their baby boy is named after his grandfather on his father’s side.

“It doesn’t matter what he is passionate about, we want him to make all his dreams come true and we will be there to support him all the way,” she says when talking about her hopes for her son.

You can read more about Rolene and her family in the latest issue of Huisgenoot.

Together with the magazine you’ll also receive a special 23-page insert about the life of Joost van der Westhuizen.


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