Justin Trudeau’s handshake with Donald Trump has instantly become a meme

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has arrived at the White House to meet Donald Trump and talk through some serious issues.

The neighbouring leaders have launched a joint effort to advance women in the workplace – but that’s not what people are talking about.

They’re talking about this.

That photo was taken at the perfect moment to illustrate what some people hoped would happen, Trudeau rejecting Trump.

In reality that was never likely to occur, and instead the two actually shook hands for the second time on Monday.

Pres. Trump and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau shake hands in the Oval Office http://cnn.it/2lHsP3y 

But this is the internet, and a picture like that was never going to not be seized upon.

There was this, referencing the infamous, unsubstantiated, highly controversial Russian dossier.

Justin Trudeau is looking at Trump’s hand like he just read the Russian Dossier

If you don’t know what that’s referencing specifically, you don’t need to know.

Trump’s meeting with the Canadian PM was also contrasted with former president Barack Obama’s.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

A tale of two U.S. presidents meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Doesn’t that feel a long time ago.

People wondered if Trudeau had seen the videos of Trump’s unconventional handshaking method.

It’s fair to assume Trudeau saw this monstrosity.

Trump bragged today about bear-hugging the prime minister of a nation that doesn’t handshake or hug. Check out the face of Japanese PM Abe

And this one.

Donald Trump and his nominee have a secret handshake. It’s a real corker.

In the US today to strengthen ties with our neighbour & create more jobs in both countries – thanks, President Trump for the welcome.

And given that Trudeau has been preparing for the Trump meeting for months, with Canada needing to maintain reliable access to the US market, that’s probably not a bad idea.


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