Rihanna took a hip flask to the Grammys and it’s the definition of living your best life

Rihanna may not have won any awards at the Grammys this year, but she’s more than a winner in Twitter’s eyes.

Why? Because the singer had a bedazzled hip-flask to sip on while in the audience. Of course she did.

And she shared the contents of the flask with the people around her too.

Rihanna drinking out of her diamond encrusted flask & passing it around is my mood

Maybe she just knew she’d be in for a long night. We’ve all been there.

Rihanna is killing me with this flask. She is all of us. 😂

There’s even a clip going round on Twitter where she appears to say, “I think it’s time for another shot”. You go, gurl.

Meanwhile, this gif gives us life because have you seen how much fun she’s having, flask in hand?

Rihanna dancing with her flask is the only gif I need in my life.

Never forget.

Rihanna and her crystal studded flask is me for the remainder of the year


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