Don’t charge less than $25,000 to mount stage with Don Moen – Cwesi Oteng to gospel acts


The Ghanaian gospel music fraternity has been vibrant in the last month; vivacious with lots of thorny issues – ranging from bribery to black magic.

This time, the gospel fold has been thrown into some state of hysteria over the announcement of Don Moen’s coming to Ghana to headline a concert commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the nation.

Thus far, few Ghanaian gospel acts have been outspoken in their rejection of the arrangement to contract the international gospel artist – has noted.

Well, Cwesi Oteng, who is turning out to be a crusader in the gospel industry is letting his opinion count.

The artist took to his twitter handle to post some financial suggestions to his fellow artists, telling them exactly how to charge if they are contracted to perform alongside Don Moen.

According to him, no Ghanaian act should charge less than $25,000 to mount the stage for the Ghana @ 60 Concert scheduled for March 7, 2017.

He also opined that nationalism should never be for free; it is contentment and not a crime!

No Ghanaian gospel artiste, should charge less than $25,000 to climb the Don Moen Stage. $25,000 is not too high an amount for blacks.


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