Medikal, Fancy Gadem & Ebony Are Just Borla Goods!


Ever since the nominations for the 2017 Vodafone Ghana music were released, many controversies have unfolded.

In another development, talented Ghanaian musician, Nii Funny of ”Yooko Abreaki Mi” fame has also bragged that, Medikal, Fancy Gadem, Ebony, others do not deserve to be nominated.


Nii Funny, together with Medikal, Fancy Gadem, Article Wan, Feli Nuna, Ebony, Rudebwoy Ranking and Eugy have been nominated for the Discovery of the year category.

Speaking in an intriguing interview on “Hot and Classic Showbiz review” on Accra-based Hot 93.9Fm, Nii Funny, who was answering a question in line with whether he believes he can emerge winner at the expense of these sensational artistes; quipped that, with the exception of Article Wan of ‘Pu Nye Nye’ fame, Medikal, fancy Gadem and the others are all ‘Borla’goods:

“This year’s nominations, that is the Discovery of the Year category–so many of theartistes don’t deserve to be nominated..Apart from Article Wan, all the rest are “Borla Goods”..I mean, Medikal, Fancy Gadem, Ebony etc don’t deserve to be nominated”, He noted

Throwing extensive emphasis on his assertion, Nii Funny limned that, “Fancy Gadem is only known in the North…can any body in this studios or at Hot Fm sing Fancy Gadem’s song? This is what am talking about–you can’t be known by a section of people and then be nominated…Your song has to be popular every where.

Nii Funny, who is also noted with songs like ODONKPO’ featuring Kesse, and ‘FRESH’, featuring Apaatse is currently out with is his debut song for 2017 titled “Lotto”


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