Samini Holds No Grudges Against MTN!

Multiple award-winning dancehall artiste, Samini has said his relationship with MTN has not been soiled despite ending his deal with the communication giant.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Celebrity Brand Endorsement’ at University of Ghana Business School over the weekend, Samini who served as the brand ambassador of MTN for eight years said both parties have liaised in different ways to serve the populace and also benefit from each other.

 He noted that although he has not been an ambassador of MTN, the company has been sponsors of his annual ‘Saminifest’ show and the bond keeps strengthening each passing minute.

“I had the best of time as an artiste with MTN. We worked together so well that at a point, people identified me with MTN that they thought I was a staff. When I realized I had done MTN for 8 years and had been successful, I thought it was time to step back from the yellow brand. No disrespect,” he said.

“After I stepped back to be neutral, I have had a 3-year annual concert and MTN has been title sponsors. That is how cordial the relationship is,” he added.

Touching on why he ended the deal, Samini said he thought it was time to move on. While advising artistes to consider a number of factors before signing endorsement deals, the thirty-five-year old indicated that some clauses may at a point become uncomfortable for artistes as they may feel restricted.

Samini was first signed unto MTN in 2007.


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