Nikki Samonas hits back at fan after posting nude photo

Actress Nikki Samonas has once again come under the reprimand of fans because of a nude photo.

Samonas posted a nude picture of South African and Victoria’s Secret model, Candice Susan Swanepoel, captioned “I adore you” on her Instagram page but the screen goddess immediately received criticisms from fans.

One comment by nii.marley read “I can see you are planning on doing same.”

“@nikkisamonas really u adore dat??? Ashock,” another fan added expressing disbelief.

Another fan, who saw nothing wrong with the picture, defended the actress while adding that the nude picture of the model should be appreciated as art.

She stated “….but wat is wrong shez adoring the person for her personality…..angelcandices is a model and dat is an art for a pic.”

The mixed-race model who was obviously impressed replied “@evedarlings….tell these Uneducated people coming on my page to talk sh*t to acquire knowledge. Please tell them to research read and if possible just ask google.”

The star, in a recent Instagram post, uploaded a naked photo of herself lying seductively in a tub filled with milk solution and flowers covering just a little bit of skin.

However, that did not go down well with most Ghanaians who described it as ‘misleading’.


Check out the post below.


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