Rashida Black Beauty Says She Recorded the Houseflies Nude Video For Her White American Lover 3Years Ago!

Controversial Jigwe award winner Rashida Black Beauty has apologized to Ghanaians over the nude video she released on social media last week.

Rashida came under public fury and received a lot of backlash from Ghanaians for releasing her ‘disgusting’ sexually explicit video.

Some radio and TV personalities offered to help her but soon after that call, Rashida was seen on Facebook live throwing jabs at her critics and this increased the irritation of many.

Some called her a deviant who needs to be punished, others called for her arrest and the rest empathized with her.

Days after the release of the video and the craze on social media, Rashida was arrested by the Berekum police.

She was put in police custody for a day and soon after her release, Rashida granted an interview pleading for forgiveness from Ghanaians.

According to her, she recorded the video for her soon to come lover living in the statesthree years ago.

“I met a white guy on Facebook a few years ago, he promised to marry me so he asked for my nude video and I did that video for him, so I don’t know who released it on Facebook,” she said.

When asked if she has regretted her actions, the “malafaka” queen broke into tearssaying “I am sorry, it wasn’t my intention to release a naked video of myself on social media, like I said earlier, I am yet to know who is behind it”.

Rashida black beauty born Rashida Muhammed is a junior high school graduate from Berekum.

See the video below:



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