RE-BRANDING: All You Need To Know About The New #KCS (Kiki’s Catering Service)

IMG-20171011-WA0004Kiki’s Catering Service have been around for quite some time now as Kiki Pastries until the Re-branding. The industry consists of businesses that basically make and retail food ad Pastries. Kiki’s Catering Service is well known of preparing all kinds of eatery, both continental and local dishes.

Kiki’s has turned to be one important service in the world and of course those that are in business of providing such services are known to generate sales year in; year out if the business is well managed which Kiki’s Catering Service is not exceptional.


Executive Summary of KCS

Kiki’s is a licensed Catering Service and with the best standards, based in South Kwaikuma Estate – Sekondi: a business that covers a wide range of clients both domestic and corporate clients. Kiki’s Catering Service is a unique catering service because they do not only operate on ordering services but also engage in sale of pastries to the general public and also offer sponsorship to programs as well as offering companies with great services.

Because of their corporate business goal of becoming the top catering service in Ghana they are willing to go extra mile to invest in some of the finest professionals they can find and also with the plans in place to acquire the best of equipment when it comes to setting up a standard catering services.

Kiki’s Catering Service is customized to fit into the kind of ideas on how a first class catering business should look like. When it comes to hygiene, they already have plans, process and structures in place that ensures that they are always at the top of their game.

No doubt the demand for food at their end is not going to plummet any time soon, which is why they have put plans in place to continue to explore all available markets around the cities where their chain of services are going to be located and ensure that they create a wide range of channels via business expansion.

Kiki’s Catering Service is ready to ensure that the hold their-selves accountable to the highest standards by meeting both their old and new client’s needs precisely and completely. They’re also ready  to cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living not for themselves but also for their partners, employees and for our clients.

It is the dream of KCS to position the new brand to become the leading business in the catering industry in the whole of Sekondi/Takoradi as well as to the World.





KCS deals in both local and continental dishes, they’re going to be an establishment that primarily prepare, serve/sell.

As part of their strategy to create multiple sources of revenue in line with their core business concept, they will be embarking on what they call “Street-Street Experience” of sale of pastries (meat pie) as well on the street of Sekondi/Takoradi and offering it services to companies and organizations nationwide.


It is the Vision of KCS to be among the top three leading catering companies in Sekondi/Takoradi and in possibly in the country.



It is also the mission of Kiki’s Catering Service to build a catering business that will meet the needs of all their customers and potential customers in the regions/cities where they have their outlets and extend their business all across Ghana and by so doing they can as well create a form of employment for the people of the country.


As part of their plans to build a top flight business in Sekondi/ Takoradi, they have perfected plans to get it right from the onset which is why they are going the extra mile to ensure that they have competent employees to occupy all the available positions in the company.

KCS have the assurance of workers that are qualified, honest, hardworking, customer centric and are ready to work to help build a prosperous business that will benefit all the stake holders (the owner, partners, workforce and customers).



When it comes to Catering Service, there is indeed a wide range of available customers. In essence, the target market of Kiki’s Catering Service can’t be restricted to just a group of people, but all those who love pastries/ dishes and those who would want to try new things.



New Initiative by KCS


It is the Hope of the Managements of Kiki’s Catering Service that People will accept the new brand and the new initiatives already put in place to reach the demand of it loyal cherished costumers.

You can get interactive with Kiki’s Catering Service on all Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat) – @KikiCaterings

Ad for Order/ Bulk Purchases of any of the Services you can halla at KCS on +233(0)244281184/ +233(0)248733024 or via email –






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